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Google Training Videos


Google Training Videos on LinkedIn Learning

This collection of videos offers training for all things Google including Google Apps and Google Classroom. The videos can be accessed only by school staff members who have an active IDEAS account.

Click the link above. When prompted, select SINGLE  SIGN-ON. Then, login to your IDEAS account. You should then be able to access the Google Training Videos. 



List of Videos in the Collection

  1. Google Docs Essential Training Course – 1 hour 30 minutes – Take a closer look at Google Docs and discover how to build and share documents with rich formatting, images, and tables. 
  2. Google Docs Advanced Tips and Tricks Course – 58 minutes 8 seconds – Get the most out of Google Docs, the popular word processing app, including its advanced formatting options and collaboration features.
  3. Google Docs: Formatting in Depth  33 minutes 33 seconds --Learn how to make your documents more readable and engaging with the formatting tools in Google Docs.
  4. Google Drive Advanced Tips and Tricks – 1 hour 1 minute – Get more out of Google's popular cloud-based file sharing and word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.
  5. Creating an Editorial Calendar  -- 1 hour 18 minutes – Covers the best practices for creating and using an editorial calendar.
  6. Google Sheets Advanced Tips and Tricks – 1 hour 22 minutes – Provides helpful tips and tricks to boost your productivity, from leveraging Google's wide array of templates and sharing spreadsheets to creating interactive charts and applying conditional formatting.
  7. Google Drive Essential Training – 1 hour 21 minutes –- Learn how to work smarter with Google Drive.
  8. Google Sheets: Pivot Tables – 53 minutes -- Shows how to summarize and rearrange data dynamically with pivot tables.
  9. Google Drive Advanced Tips and Tricks – 1 hour 1 minute – Shows how to optimize Drive for the desktop and improve efficiency and productivity
  10. Google Drive Makeover: Organizing Files and Folders – 39 minutes – Discover ways to use and organize your files and folders online inside Google Drive.
  11. Team Collaboration in G Suite – 1 hour 7 minutes – Explains how to partner with colleagues on documents, manage files and folders as a team on Google Drive.
  12. Google Forms Essential Training – 39 minutes – Shows you everything you need to know to create surveys and collect responses with Google Forms.
  13. Google Sheets Essential Training – 3 hours 4 minutes – Shows you how to get the most from Google Sheets.
  14. Google Calendar Essential Training – 1 hour 21 minutes – Manage your personal and professional schedules more effectively with Google Calendar.
  15. Google Sheets: Advanced Formulas and Functions – 3 hours 11 minutes – Intermediate and advanced functions for summarizing data, performing statistics, analyzing financial data, and more.
  16. Google Slides Essential Training – 1 hour 4 minutes – Learn how to create high-impact presentations with Google Slides.
  17. Gmail Essential Training – 1 hour 35 minutes – A deep dive into Gmail covering numerous features