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Fouke School District
200 North Davis St.
P. O. Box 20
Fouke, Arkansas 71837
Phone: 870-653-4311
Fax: 870-653-2856
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Marissa Akin Akin, Marissa
marissa.akin@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Jason Amond Amond, Jason
jason.amond@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Ashley Askew Askew, Ashley
Fouke School District
Wiley Attaway Attaway, Wiley
wiley.attaway@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Erica Baird
Baird, Erica
Elementary Assistant Principal
erica.baird@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School View Website
Courtney Barham
Barham, Courtney
courtney.barham@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Jody Barham Barham, Jody
Fouke School District
Rick Barker Barker, Rick
Middle School Dean of Students
rick.barker@foukepanthers.orgPaulette Smith Middle School View Website
Teresa Bishop
Bishop, Teresa
District Bookkeeper
teresa.bishop@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Gwendolyn Bray Bray, Gwendolyn
Cafeteria Worker
gwendolyn.bray@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Cassondra Brooks Brooks, Cassondra
cassondra.brooks@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School View Website
Linda Brown Brown, Linda
Math Teacher
linda.brown@foukepanthers.orgPaulette Smith Middle School View Website
Jim Buie Buie, Jim
jim.buie@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District View Website
Nichole Bulkley
Bulkley, Nichole
Kindergarten Teacher
nichole.bulkey@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School View Website
Breanna Bullington Bullington, Breanna
Music Instructor & Choir Director
breanna.bullington@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School View Website
Jamie Cameron
Cameron, Jamie
jamie.cameron@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Cheryl Carter
Carter, Cheryl
Administrative Assistant
cheryl.carter@foukepanthers.orgPaulette Smith Middle School
Jewel Carter Carter, Jewel
jewel.carter@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Jessica Chambless Chambless, Jessica
jessica.chambless@foukepanthers.orgPaulette Smith Middle School View Website
Melissa Chandler Chandler, Melissa
3rd Grade Teacher
melissa.chandler@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School View Website
Lana Cherry Cherry, Lana
lana.cherry@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Heath Clark Clark, Heath
heath.clark@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School View Website
Michael Clark Clark, Michael
Bus Driver
michael.clark@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Vince Coker Coker, Vince
Board Member
Fouke School District
Anna Combe Combe, Anna
Fouke Elementary School
Leslie Cordell Cordell, Leslie
Social Studies
leslie.cordell@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School View Website
Mary Corn Corn, Mary
mary.corn@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Nolene Crabtree
Crabtree, Nolene
5th Grade Teacher
nolene.crabtree@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School View Website
Dustin Crawford Crawford, Dustin
Maintenance Supervisor
dustin.crawford@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Melissa Creech
Creech, Melissa
Administrative Assistant
melissa.creech@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Carman Cross
Cross, Carman
High School Principal
carman.cross@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School View Website
Robin Cutchall Cutchall, Robin
Food Service Director
robin.cutchall@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Angela Cutshall Cutshall, Angela
angela.cutshall@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Hazel Davis Davis, Hazel
Cafeteria Worker
hazel.davis@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Buddy Deese Deese, Buddy
Band Director
buddy.deese@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School View Website
Leslie Dixon Dixon, Leslie
Coop PreK Teacher
leslie.dixon@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School View Website
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