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Fouke School District
200 North Davis St.
P. O. Box 20
Fouke, Arkansas 71837
Phone: 870-653-4311
Fax: 870-653-2856
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Lee Ann Doss Doss, Lee Ann
Board Member
leeann.doss@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Jessica Downs Downs, Jessica
jessica.downs@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Cory Easley Easley, Cory
Vice President
cory.easley@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Robyn Eaves
Eaves, Robyn
Distance Learning Facilitator
robyn.eaves@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School
Vickie Eaves
Eaves, Vickie
District Treasurer
vickie.eaves@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Ken Endris
Endris, Ken
Elementary Principal
ken.endris@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Aimee Evans Evans, Aimee
aimee.evans@foukepanthers.orgPaulette Smith Middle School
Stephanie Fiori Fiori, Stephanie
Alternative Education
stephanie.fiori@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School
Bennie Fitzhugh
Fitzhugh, Bennie
bennie.fitzhugh@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Betty Floyd Floyd, Betty
betty.floyd@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Lora Foster Foster, Lora
lora.foster@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School
Jennifer Freeman Freeman, Jennifer
jennifer.freeman@foukepanthers.orgPaulette Smith Middle School
Becky Gibson
Gibson, Becky
Becky Gibson
becky.gibson@foukepanthers.orgPaulette Smith Middle School
Amy Giles Giles, Amy
Art Instructor
amy.giles@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Janet Green Green, Janet
janet.green@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Latisha Greer Greer, Latisha
Cafeteria Worker
Fouke School District
Pam Gurley
Gurley, Pam
Kindergarten Teacher
pam.gurley@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Sheila Gutierrez Gutierrez, Sheila
Cafeteria Worker
sheila.gutierrez@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Jesse Hardin Hardin, Jesse
Cafeteria Worker
jesse.hardin@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Kathy Harris Harris, Kathy
Cafeteria Worker
Fouke School District
Shelia Harris
Harris, Shelia
HS Attendance Clerk
shelia.harris@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School
Michele Hartline Hartline, Michele
michele.hartline@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School
Deborah Hedglin Hedglin, Deborah
deborah.hedglin@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Cynthia Hendrix Hendrix, Cynthia
cynthia.hendrix@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Crystal Hewitt
Hewitt, Crystal
Library Media Specialist
crystal.hewitt@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Crystal Hewitt Hewitt, Crystal
Agriculture Teacher
crystal.hewitt@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School
Holly Higdon Higdon, Holly
Cafeteria Worker
holly.higdon@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Christy Higgins
Higgins, Christy
4th Grade Teacher
christy.higgins@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Kelli Hilliard Hilliard, Kelli
Special Services
kelli.hilliard@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Rorie Hinds
Hinds, Rorie
2nd Grade Teacher
rorie.hinds@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
LaQuida Hobson
Hobson, LaQuida
Media Specialist/Social Studies
laquida.hobson@foukepanthers.orgPaulette Smith Middle School
Rebecca Hornaday Hornaday, Rebecca
Cafeteria Worker
rebecca.hornaday@foukepanthers.orgFouke School District
Tricia Hudson
Hudson, Tricia
Gifted/Talented Teacher
tricia.hudson@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Janie Huff Huff, Janie
janie.huff@foukepanthers.orgFouke Elementary School
Barry Hughes Hughes, Barry
barry.hughes@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School
Caroline Hughes Hughes, Caroline
caroline.hughes@foukepanthers.orgFouke High School
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